1. Introduction

2. The history of the Quran and the Injil

3. The Quran confirms: Today's Bible is unchanged

4. The Quran Confirms: Bible has not been abrogated!

5. Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Islam

6. Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Ahmadiyya - Islam

7. Death and resurrection of Jesus explained to Muslims

8. Easter story found in the Quran?

9. The sign of Jonah explained to Muslims

10. Abraham's sacrifice explained to Muslims

11. The Trinity explained to Muslims

12. Jesus - Son of God! An explanation for Muslims

13. Jesus - God! An explanation for Muslims

14. Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) Not foretold in the Bible

15. The concept of War in the Quran and the Bible

16. The teaching of the Holy Bible on the position of women explained to Muslims

17. Pagan influences in Christianity?

18. Ahmadiyya Muslim claims examined in the light of the Bible

19. Sex, pornography, and homosexuality - what does God think about it all?

20. Which Religion, if any, holds the truth?

21. A Christian response to Muslim beliefs

22. Human rights and human wrongs in the light of Islam and Christianity

23. Diana and mother Theresa - The ultimate lesson to be drawn

24. What The Bible Says About Your Future

25. The Passion of the Christ – What will my Muslim Friends think of it?

26. Should Muslims read the Tawrat, Zabur and Injeel?

27. Fundamentals of Christianity

28. Response to: Where did Jesus die?

29. Are Radical Muslims Representing True Islam?

30. Response to Ahmadiyya leaflet 'true Islam'

31. Response to Ahmadiyya Death on the cross

32. Christmas Quranic Commonalities (For Turkish translation click here)

33. Christmass Card (For Turkish translation click here)

34. Crossword for Muslims and other religious people

35. Your Book and my Book

36. Dear Abdullah

37. The Message of Nabi Isa (English)

38. What's wrong with Zain’s Anti-jihadi advert?

39. Summary of the Injil message

40. Quran confirms - Injil unchanged

41. Links